Gifts that Grow Community

This season, we’re transitioning to a new donor model that’s evolved alongside our values. We believe that everyone deserves a deep sense of connection to the organization they support, no matter their contribution. We also know, and have seen these past two seasons especially, that our diverse donor base is committed to fostering community around collective efforts. This has always been The Cultch culture. We’re simply adjusting some of our donation programs and practices to better boost our beliefs and efforts. 

New Fund Programs

Community Connectors

Provide free tickets through The Cultch Connects program to those who might not be able to otherwise experience our shows and support accessibility initiatives including ASL, captioned, and relaxed performances.

Season Curator

Fund full season programming. This allows us to make plans in advance for what projects we can commit to, including bringing international works to our stage. 

Show Producers

Boost a show’s resources by supporting the one (or two, or three!) you’re passionate about. Especially vital for our new plays that need more research and creation support.

Emerging Artist Advocates

Champion emerging artists and new creative voices. Funds support the Youth Panel, IGNITE, and individual emerging artists.


Investors of organizational change. Finances the magic needed to make it happen.


You wildcard! This is your way of saying “do what you want with this donation.” The rainy day fund. The operating fund. But way cuter.


We are cheerleaders of what we achieve together. Everyone who’s part of The Cultch is a VIP at The Cultch! 

Our new fund programs are the beating hearts of our mandate. Your support keeps them going. Donors will be recognized under the program you choose, listed in alphabetical order.

All special events and artist conversations will be open to all of you and designed to facilitate meaningful connection with each of you.

All donors will receive regular updates on the impact of your gifts through reports and events


Ways we’re engaging with all donors this season:

A new mini digital publication focusing on what’s happening in each of our fund programs.

Special events to chat with Heather and artists about their work in each of these programs.

The specific program outcomes made possible each season, thanks to your generous gifts.

Our new big bash to celebrate our efforts as a community!

Flexible, Affordable Donations

We know that the timing of our donation requests don’t always match-up with life’s demands.
Selecting the monthly donation option allows you to give the gift you’re comfortable making each year through smaller, automatic monthly payments.