Staff Picks #2: 2018/19 Season shows that we don’t want you to miss!

2018/19 Season shows that we don’t want you to miss!

The second blog post in a summer series featuring some of the 2018/19 shows that our staff just cant wait for! Read the first post here!

Lee Newman, Assistant to Head Front of House Manager / Volunteer Coordinator. Still photo from Parlour Panther music video by Grace Gadston at Jaunty Media

Lee Newman, Assistant to Head Front of House Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator, Dakh Daughters, Jan 15- 19, 2019

I am so excited for Dakh Daughters, starting January 15th at The York Theatre, part of the Femme Series. They bring this thrilling and captivating power to their performance that I LOVE. I am fascinated by how modern musicians perform, because these days the performance component is often much more than just people with their instruments. The Dakh Daughters use theatrical elements with their bodies, their voices, their instruments, their costumes, and the lighting, all in a uniquely bold and gritty style to create an unforgettable performance! And this I just got from the youtube clip on The Cultch’s website! I cannot WAIT for the live version.

Natalie Schneck, Development Associate. Photo by Tiana He

Natalie Schneck, Development Associate, This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times), Nov 27 – Dec 1, 2018

I am excited for This Duet We’ve Already Done (so many times). For me, Frédérick Gravel’s work always feels like a sexy rock show with sophisticated themes woven throughout. I often sense a tension between power/persona and vulnerability. Both Frédérick and Brianna are charismatic performers and I am curious to see the energy that’s created when they work together.




Meghan Robinson, Rentals Sales Manager. Photo by Tiana He

Meghan Robinson, Rentals Sales Manager, NASSIM, May 7 – 19, 2019

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to have Nassim Soleimanpour at The Cultch. His production “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit” was one of the most powerful pieces of theatre I have ever seen. It established my passion and adoration for the theatre. I have faith that “Nassim” will have a similar affect. I have no doubt that it will both connect audiences, and blow them away, from the moment the script is taken out of its envelope.



Leslie Dos Remedios, Sales Associate. Photo by Tiana He

Leslie Dos Remedios, Sales Associate, The Ones We Leave Behind, Oct 24- Nov 3, 2018

I’m excited to see The Ones We Leave Behind. It’s been so rewarding seeing VACT, Loretta and the entire creative team develop this show for over a year. It’s also great to have an ensemble show from VACT on The Cultch stage – we get to be a place where underrepresented voices have a platform to tell our stories.




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Rave Reviews for Vertical Influences!

Rave Reviews for Vertical Influences!

The cast of Vertical Influences take a bow! Photo Credit: Roaming the Planet

The Cultch celebrated the opening of a very special show on April 18. Montreal’s Le Patin Libre brought down Britannia Ice Rink with an unprecedented performance – unlike any ice dancing you are likely to have seen! No sparkles, no fuzzy costumes, just pure and beautiful skating!

Check out some of these AMAZING REVIEWS for Vertical Influences:

“Do your body a favour: GO SEE Vertical Influences” – Colin Thomas

“In Vertical Influences, we get five young dancers on skates, wearing ponytails, dreads, and baggy street clothes, VIRTUOSICALLY reinventing the form and PLAYFULLY using it to upend notions of time, space, and physics. With equal amounts of sass and technique, THEY TEAR UP THE SHEET OF ICE” – Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight

Vertical Influences is a STUNNING combination of figure skating and dance” – Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

Vertical Influences is a BEAUTIFUL MASH-UP of sophisticated figure skating with contemporary street dance” – Carly Whetter, Vancouver Magazine

“Five Performers…DAZZLED us with straight ice skating with no tu-tus, or schmaltzy music” – Alex Waterhouse Hayward

VERTICAL INFLUENCES runs at Britannia Ice Rink, April 18-30. Book tickets online or by phone by calling The Cultch Box Office at 604.251.1363.

Vertical Influences comes to Britannia Ice Rink April 18-30

Vertical Influences comes to Britannia Ice Rink April 18-30

After a sold-out European tour the award-winning Canadian ice dance group Le Patin Libre makes their debut in Vancouver. From Apr 18-30 they will be performing their unique show Vertical Influences at Britannia Ice Rink (1661 Parker St) – Don’t miss your chance to see them!

Vertical Influences has been getting amazing reviews all across Europe

“It is JOYFUL, uplifting, creative, and inspiring.” The Age

“Liberating, EXHILARATING, breathtaking” – The Stage

“One of those rare shows I could willingly have sat through all over again…A PURE BODY RUSH. Astounding ★★★★★” — The Guardian (UK)

Check out this great video showing the “Making of ‘Vertical Influences’.

Vertical Influences has been described as a form of “contemporary dance on ice”.  Rising stars Le Patin Libre, a fresh and inventive group of former championship skaters, are creating a new kind of ice dancing, far beyond the confines of traditional figure skating. Electronic beats, melodic lyricism, and refreshing dance moves mean maximum fun for the whole family!

Vertical Influences runs from April 18-30, 2017 at Britannia Ice Rink. Book tickets online or by phone by calling The Cultch Box Office at 604.251.1363.

A Conversation with Michel Robidoux, Musical Composer for Gold Mountain

By Sarah Cruickshank

Michel Robidoux Co- Artistic Director

This week, Gold Mountain, a story told by David Yee about his father’s epic journey from a small village in China to war-torn Liverpool, is showing on The Cultch stage. With dazzling visuals and a powerful score, this show will transport you back in time, leaving you mesmerized long after you leave the theatre.

We were lucky to catch up with Michel Robidoux, Co-Artistic Director of Les Deux Mondes in Montréal, and composer of Gold Mountain. Michel shared some behind-the-scenes insight into the creative process of Gold Mountain and the audio and visual inspiration for the show.

Behind the inspiration for the music of Gold Mountain

Les Deux Mondes is a touring company, and Michel is always sure to bring his sound recorder whenever he’s traveling to capture the sounds that he finds inspiring. Sometimes they are ambient sounds that he transforms into rhythmic and polyphonic recordings on his computer once he’s home.

When asked about his inspiration for the music for Gold Mountain, Michel responds, “Well it happened a bit by chance. We were on tour in China and I recorded lots of sounds there. When we were approached with Gold Mountain by David Yip and Kevin Wong, it seemed very interesting. For me, I already had a lot of Chinese inspired material, so it was a wonderful opportunity to integrate the music I had composed.”

Rehearsing Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain plays at The Cultch until November 4

Work on Gold Mountain started when David Yip and Kevin Wong traveled to Montréal to talk through the 24 short scenes they had written. Explains Michel, “After they left, I started to work with the music to go with the short scenes we had. Yves Dubé would then assemble some video footage after listening to the music.” Things really got rolling after a three day workshop with the actors in Liverpool where they recorded voice-overs of the actors, so they could work with the recordings back in Montréal.

“After coming back to Montréal, we would start to work with visuals and putting music with the voice-overs, and ultimately we built a template for the 24 short scenes.” This template was something they could work with to develop the show, even though the actors weren’t there. One of the challenges they faced in the process was lengthening the 24 short scenes into a full-length production, and according to Michel, “we did this by using visuals and music to bridge the gap between the dialogue.”

Rehearsals began once the folks at Les Deux Mondes were joined by the actors in Montréal, and as Michel explains, they would work in loops, “going through the scenes from beginning to end, then starting all over again.” Every time they passed through the scenes, things would change. As Michel says, “it’s a very live and instinctive way of working together. It’s interesting to work like this as everyone is open to what everyone else is doing.”

When pressed further about the idea of rehearsing in loops, Michel goes on to explain, “Sometimes let’s say for instance I have a beautiful musical score for a scene and I thought it would fit perfectly. But when we run through the loop, it doesn’t fit anymore. It’s nice music and I love it but no, it doesn’t fit anymore. The show kicked it out.”

So, with Gold Mountain now showing at The Cultch, how does Michel hope all the technical elements will come together to emotionally move and transport the audience? “The idea is that they forget about it, that it enhances the storytelling and that it’s so smooth that you stay in the story. We want the show not to be didactic, not to be dry. We want it to be fascinating!”

Gold Mountain runs at The Cultch until  November 4. Tickets are available online at, by phone at 604.251.1363, or in person at 1895 Venables St.