Behind The Wonderheads

We are thrilled to have the Wonderheads back at The Cultch for their presentation of Loon, running until November 23 in the Historic Theatre. If you missed their presentation of Grim and Fischer in 2013 be sure not to miss this one! The Wonderheads are an award-winning physical theatre company specializing in mask performance and exquisite visual storytelling for both adults and children. Their work is performed in hand-crafted full-face mask; a wordless style that has been described as watching a living cartoon.



Loon tells the whimsical story of Francis, a lovelorn cinema janitor. The Wonderheads step into the life of this lonely man and look for love. In this strange and beautiful story, we are left wondering, can a man truly love the moon?

“A magnificent mix of puppetry, mime, soundscape and mask-work that gives the life of a poor urban schlemiel such dignity and pathos, you can’t help but be moved, first to laughter, then to tears.”
– Edmonton Journal

“Genius both in concept and execution doesn’t begin to describe what Braidwood and Phoenix accomplish.
– Calgary Sun

Check out another great review here from the Winnipeg CBC.

If you’re interested in who is behind the Heads, listen to this podcast with Kate Braidwood and Andrew Phoenix and find out how the Wonderheads met, how they were inspired by mask work, and how their shows have evolved over time.

Also, here is a really fun video of how the masks are made by Kate Braidwood titled Behind the Heads: Making a Mask.


A Global Success! Patrick Ehrenwirth shares behind-the-scenes insights into the dazzling production, LEO!

By Sarah Cruickshank

Tobias Wegner in Circle of Eleven's LEO, winner of the Best of Edinburgh Award.

LEO, the jaw-dropping, gravity-defying production from Berlin-based theatre company Circle of Eleven, is coming to The Cultch! In its last stop on a whirlwind world tour, this remarkable production of physical theatre will leave you not knowing which way is up and which way is down!

We caught up with Circle of Eleven’s Marketing and PR Manager Patrick Ehrenwirth to find out more about LEO, and how it feels to be part of a production that’s enjoying global success.

SC: As the Marketing and PR Manager at Circle of Eleven, what are some of your responsibilities when touring a show like LEO?

PE: The first step in the creation phase of a touring show is to find a show title and to develop artwork that comes with the show. We usually do this in a small team which involves the key creatives, Circle of Eleven’s artistic director, and myself. We provide a full marketing package to the venues where our productions play. This includes show texts, a press kit, photos, a trailer, and the art work for the posters, flyers and ads. So, the first round is always a busy period with photo and video shootings and a lot of copywriting. Once a show is on tour, the respective marketing and PR team and I are planning press calls, interviews, TV gigs and advertising campaigns. Every city and every venue is different when touring a show; that’s why my job never gets boring!

SC: For those who may not be familiar with this type of performance, can you explain the concept of physical theatre?

PE: Physical theatre is a broad term for performances which convey drama or an actual story by primarily physical means, that is, the body. This idea allows a variety of genres to happily mingle, from mime to contemporary dance, from circus to performance art. You will notice when watching LEO that the show requires a lot of different skills from the performer. Besides being an excellent and strong acrobat, he also has to be a good dancer, actor, mime, and he has to be able to play an instrument.

Tobias Wegner stars in Circle of Eleven's LEO, which plays at The Cultch until Dec 15.

SC: What are some of the challenges in presenting a show with no words?

PE: The beauty of a nonverbal, visually captivating production like LEO is that it leaves a lot of space for personal interpretation. But at the same time, it’s also a challenge when marketing a show because you don’t want to give too much away. My experience is that visitors see so many different things in LEO, whether it is a situation in their own life or that of a friend or something entirely different. Theatre is a universal language, but it talks to everyone in a different way, so to speak. So for me the challenge is to keep that door, that personal access open for everyone.

SC: LEO has been called the anti-gravity show. How does performer Tobias Wegner make it look as though he’s floating in the air?

PE: LEO is based on a brilliant stage concept which actually involves two scenes: A box with the performer in it, and right beside it, a projection of this room turned by 90 degrees, so what is the floor in real life becomes the wall in the projection. The illusion is even enhanced by a fantastic lighting design, surreal animations and a visionary video design. But above all, it is Tobias’s talent and stamina that make his movements seem weightless. When Tobias developed the show together with director Daniel Brière, they’d been experimenting a lot with different movements and sequences to see which would work both in the projection and on stage. But even now, Tobias and the creatives keep inventing new elements, which they add to the show. On a technical level, the show is playing with people’s perception, and at a certain point, you won’t realize which postures are actually difficult or even impossible in real life.

SC: LEO has toured all over the world including places like the USA, Poland, Germany and Iran. What does it mean to come to Vancouver and perform on The Cultch stage?

PE: The Cultch will be LEO’s last station before going on a well-deserved Christmas holiday, and it is also the last stop on this 2012 world tour, which started in New York. This run is quite special. I know that Tobias Wegner and the crew are excited to be in Vancouver, and to perform at The Cultch, especially because its programme is so varied and interdisciplinary, just as LEO is. Unfortunately, I don’t get to tour with the crew, and to be honest, I envy them a little that they are travelling to a city that has been rated among the most liveable cities in the world!

SC: LEO is so popular that you’ve had to train two additional performers for tour dates in 2013. How does it feel to be a part of a show that’s enjoying this much success?

PE: Of course, it makes us all very proud! I’ve seen the show develop from a comedy act that Tobias Wegner created for our production called myLIFE, to a touching one-hour show that won three awards and played off-Broadway. Whether it be the USA, Iran, Zimbabwe, or Canada – regardless of the cultural background, people just love the show, that’s just amazing. But it’s not only the success as such but the feedback that we get that is very rewarding. I’ve seen people crying during the show simply because they were so moved by it. Others told me with a big smile on their face that LEO was the most beautiful piece they ever saw. It is a great feeling to be part of a team that makes this happen.

SC: What can an audience member expect to take away after watching LEO?

PE: For me personally, it is the simple realization that life is full of surprises – or rather chances you can take – and the conclusion that, no matter how trapped you might feel in certain situations, there is always a way out. But as I said, I’m sure everyone will find his or her own story in LEO!

LEO runs at The Cultch December 4 – 15. Tickets start at $17 and are available online at, by phone at 604.251.1363, or in person at 1895 Venables St

LEO soars into Vancouver after sold out run in Montreal

By Caitlin Bryant

Montreal’s Nouveau Theatre video

After premiering at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it took home the Three Weeks Editors Award, the Scotsman Fringe First Award and the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award, LEO received this review from theatre critic Thomas Haywood: “LEO is a superb physical one-man dance show… mind-bending, illusionistic and spellbinding… This show is destined for a great future.”

Haywood’s intuition was right. Since then, LEO has toured numerous cities throughout the UK, US, Iran, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, and Zimbabwe. LEO has taken the international theatre community by storm – so much so, that they’ve had to train two additional actor-acrobats, Julian Schulz from Berlin and William Bonnet from France will also play the role of the “imaginary cosmonaut” named Leo.

Chamaleon Theatre Berlin, Germany

It’s really no surprise that LEO is enjoying such great success. This comedic piece of physical theatre is a funny, surreal, and surprisingly touching work that challenges the senses and tests perceptions of reality through the clever interplay of live performance and video projection. This creation by the innovative Berlin-based production company Circle of Eleven leaves audience members wondering which way is up and which way is down.

The Cultch presents LEO

But don’t take our word for it; check out the incredible buzz this show has created world-wide.

“LEO… does on its stage what Einstein and great physicists have dreamt of for ages… successfully break through the inter-space-time-continuum.”Review Fix

“An eye-teasing, deeply impressive work of sustained absurdist magic.”Time Out, New York

“Mr. Wegner knows just what he is doing, but his character has no idea: the man adjusts to a world of changed gravitational laws as the room around him becomes a fantastical playground.”New York Times

“LEO uses an ingenious combination of stage design and video projections to create an unexpected environment for extraordinary feats of acrobatic theater in which “our hero” literally loses his sense of gravity and departs on a logic-defying adventure”SHOWBIZZ CHICAGO

“By the end of the performance, your brain has been successfully hoodwinked: you almost forget to watch the performance in the real physical space, focusing all your attention on the fantasy taking place on the video projection,”Edinburgh Spotlight

“A triumph of coordination, Leo interacted perfectly with… the physical challenges thrown his way by an ever-changing environment” New Zealand International Arts Festival

LEO biscuit trailer

Interview with Tobias Wegner

Visit Circle of Eleven’s website for Performer Tobias Wegner, Director Daniel Briere, and Creative Producer Gregg Parks artist’s statements. –

For more information, click here . Tickets are from $17 and may be purchased by visiting, by calling the box office at 604-251-1363, or in person at 1895 Venables St.

Tobias Wegner discusses LEO with a fascinated Gr. 1 class in Charleston, South Carolina

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