The Faces of The Cultch: Lorin Ritchie – Volunteer, Subscriber and Donor!

LorenThe Faces of The Cultch…’ is a profile series on The Cultch blog where we  feature staff members, volunteers, subscribers, and community movers and shakers. Stay tuned for upcoming photos and interviews and drop us a line at if you have a burning question for one of our staff members or volunteers!

Lorin Ritchie is a volunteer, subscriber, and donor to The Cultch and we were so happy to chat with Lorin about her recent night out at the Bill Reid Gallery Dinner!

Every year, we hold a fabulous gala on the Historic Theatre of The Cultch. It’s a night to remember: dinner on the Historic stage, a silent and live auction, dancing, special performances, and live music. We also auction off a very special prize: dinner for you and nine friends in the Bill Reid Gallery, hosted by Martine Reid and our very own Managing Director Cindy Reid. Catered by an amazing chef, with wine pairings and a behind-the-scenes look at the gallery collection, it’s one of the most special nights of our year here at The Cultch. This year, featured artist Beau Dick also stopped by the gallery to perform for the party-goers. We chatted with Lorin, who attended this year’s Bill Reid Gallery Dinner.

The Cultch: What did you think of your first Gala at The Cultch?

Lorin Ritchie: It was marvelous! I’d never been to the Gala before and I loved that the event was in the theatre on the stage. Totally fabulous!

The Cultch: Can you tell us a little bit about your Bill Reid Gallery Dinner experience?

LR: It was amazing. I know a little bit about Indigenous art, not as much as I would like to, and to have Martine show us around the gallery was so special. It’s a beautiful gallery, the artist showed up and it was so much fun. Of course we were with a big group of friends (including my friend Nancy, who won the Live Auction prize of the Dinner!), so it was bound to be a marvelous evening. Oh, and the food was amazing!

The Cultch: You’re a huge supporter of The Cultch, Lorin, as a donor, subscriber and volunteer! What inspires you to be such a supporter?

LR: Well, I subscribe, and I am a volunteer usher and now I’m a Super Subscriber! When I was selecting my shows for the upcoming season, I added on the Super Subscriber donation ($125) because I want to contribute. The Cultch does such amazing work, and it feels nice to support the organization.

The Cultch: You attended a Super Subscriber event last year, our “Behind the Famous Puppet Death Scenes” event, which was a special post-show reception and talk back with the cast (and puppets) of the show. We have some really exciting Super Subscriber events coming up this season, and we are so excited to see you there! Is there a show you are particularly looking forward too?

LR: The Super Subscriber event was so much fun! It’s a lovely little bonus. I attended the Season Launch party and, well, it’s a hard question but I think Empire of the Son is the one I am looking forward to the most!

Thanks Lorin!

Cultch spotlight: Meet our interns!

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Over the past few months, The Cultch’s offices slowly became home to three wonderful interns who have been having fun and working hard! Since the sun has started to poke its head out, we thought it was time to shine some light on our interns.

Chantal - Outreach Intern

Chantal – Outreach Intern

Why did you decide to intern at The Cultch? How did you apply to become an intern?
I was interested in expanding my performance skills into arts administration and I thought The Cultch would be a perfect fit for me as I was a fan of the programming. I submitted my resume and cover letter through my internship program at SFU who had already made a connection with The Cultch. I was asked to come in for an interview and was thrilled when I was asked to come on board as their Outreach Intern.

What is your favourite place to go for lunch on The Drive?
Five Elements Cafe. The owners are awesome and the Vietnamese food is always fresh and delicious.

What was you favourite show from this season?
I think I am going to have to say The Daisy Theatre by Ronnie Burkett. He brings so much creative energy into the room. I am definitely going to see it again next season.

What is your best memory and what are you going to take away with you when you leave The Cultch?
It’s a toss up between the attack of Star Wars potato heads and the letter stuffing day. I’m going to take away with me more ideas and inspirations than I know what to do with and an even greater dedication to making theatre happen in Vancouver. Oh, and the perfect way to fold a letter.

Paige – Archivist & Research Intern

Why did you decide to intern at The Cultch? How did you apply to become an intern?
I am an arts co-op student at UBC, and a masters candidate at the School or Library, Archival and Information Studies there. A posting for an internship opportunity came up on the co-op board, and I was eager to apply at an organization with such a wealth of history. I applied and met Cindy & Nicole in December, and started working in the archives in January.

What is your favourite place to go for lunch on The Drive?
Definitely Five Elements.

What was your favourite show from this season?
Mies Julie was definitely a heavy-hitter. Really excellent!

What is your best memory?
My best memories have been sharing treasures from the archives at the staff meetings and eating pie on my birthday.

Maria - Marketing Intern

Maria – Marketing Intern

Why did you decide to intern at The Cultch? How did you apply to become an intern?
As part of my French Business School, I had the opportunity to do an internship. I really wanted to do it abroad and had fallen in love with Vancouver years ago. I heard about The Cultch from one of my friends who told me what a nice environment it was to work at. I sent my resume and cover letter and got a phone interview. I feel very lucky that I got the job and also thankful for their patience dealing with all the paperwork that my visa required.

What is your favourite place to go for lunch on The Drive?
Havana, for their Parmesan and truffle fries.

What was your favourite show from this season?
I would say Me So You So Me because it wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before.

What is your best memory and what are you going to take away with you when you leave The Cultch?
It’s hard to pick a memory since my internship isn’t over yet. So far, I would say serving the food at the opening night of Mies Julie because it made my job feel more real. I finally got to meet some of the patrons and it showed me that what I do in the office means something. I can’t really say what I’m going to take away with me yet, but I already know that I learned a lot!


Join the Volunteer Receptionist Team at The Cultch!

Want to see some of the hottest shows in Vancouver for free? Want to show your love for one of your favorite East Van arts organisations? Well what are you waiting for?!? The Cultch is looking to expand our Volunteer Receptionist Team and we want you to apply.

Our Volunteer Receptionists are often the first person people will encounter as the “face of The Cultch”! You will play a key role overseeing all aspects of administration during office hours and gain valuable administration experience. Answering phones, data entry, filing, and marketing duties are just some of the things you’ll handle. Candidates must have a good working knowledge of both spoken and written english.

Our volunteers at The Cultch see some of the best theatre, music, dance performances that Vancouver has to offer plus you get free tea/coffee, ticket discounts, and chances to win assorted door prizes.

We enlisted Mona, one of our volunteers since October 2013 to tell you why she likes to volunteer at The Cultch.

What is your favorite memory about volunteering with The Cultch?

Working on the Internship Manual for Volunteers, investigating the office processes, getting to know the admin staff and their roles, and orientating new volunteers.

What is your favorite show you have ever seen at The Cultch?

The Daisy Theatre. No, actually it was a couple of years ago-Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Why should you volunteer at The Cultch?

It’s fun. The admin staff is very appreciative so you feel like part of a “team”. You get to see what goes on in the background before a production. You get to practice your office skills. You get complimentary tickets to the Historic Theatre events and you get to work in an office with a magnificent view!

Interested? Contact Cindy Reid, Managing Director, at 604.251.1766 x 112, or email your resume to