The Old Trouts Return to The Cultch With a Show for Ages 7 to 107!

The Tooth Fairy snatching away a molar

One of the best, most surreal works of imagination I’ve seen in ages.

– See Magazine, Edmonton

It’s a children’s puppet show for adults, and adult theatre for children.

The Tooth Fairy, The Old Trouts’ latest production, aims to explore the dark truth of the teeth trafficking industry: What is truly lost (and what could possibly be gained) in the transaction of baby teeth, the symbols of our innocence, in exchange for cold hard cash?

The Tooth Fairy follows the tale of Abigail, the Girl with Perfect Teeth, as she embarks on an epic voyage to defeat the Tooth Fairy once and for all, saving children worldwide the trauma associated with teeth loss.  Abigail’s extravagant mission is a dream-like odyssey, a paradise lost expedition where, with Broadway brouhaha and Weill-ish laments, she meets monsters, dancing houses, a toothless castaway, and plenty of treacherous and piratical souls along the way.  The journey dashes from northern ice-wastes, to the depths of the forested wilds, to the middle of the heaving ocean, to the horrid bilge of a whaling ship, in what can only be described as children’s book surrealism.  At last the question is answered: what does the Tooth Fairy do with all those teeth?

An puppet from The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

An puppet from The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

The Tooth Fairy is a creation of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop: a company of artists dedicated to re-imagining the art form of puppetry, founded on a ranch in southern Alberta in 1999.  The Old Trouts have created many astonishing productions: The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan, Ice King, The Unlikely Birth of Istvan, The Tooth Fairy, Beowulf, The Last Supper of Antonin Carême, Pinocchio, and Famous Puppet Death Scenes. They’ve also written articles on puppetry (short listed for a National Magazine Award) and created five books, Preposterous Fables for Unusual Children, published by Bayeux Arts– two of which were short listed for the Governor-General’s Award.  Also foraying into film, the Old Trouts have created a music video for Feist, and three award-winning short films.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see The Tooth Fairy!  It’s on at The Cultch Apr 27–May 1 @ 7 PM, with a matinee May 1 @ 2 PM.  For tickets, order online at or call the Box Office at 604-251-1363.

Abigail in the Old Trout Puppet Workshop's The Tooth Fairy, live theatre for families

Abigail, The Girl With Perfect Teeth

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