Top 5 reasons to attend THE YORK THEATRE EDITION of THE FLAME

Top 5 reasons to attend THE YORK THEATRE EDITION of THE FLAME

#1  THE FLAME features raw and completely uncensored real-life True Stories that run the gamut between vulnerable and poignant to the sublimely absurd and hilarious events of the human experience.

#2  THE FLAME is a risky high-wire act of sorts. No scripts allowed – No safety net provided. Just individual storytellers courageously standing in front of a room full of strangers armed only with a microphone and a personal True Story.

#3  FLAME stories are real, relevant and honest. You know that brilliant True Story that ‘cousin Bob’ told last Thanksgiving? Or that epic True Story you told about the time you were arrested for fraud in Romania? Those almost unbelievable real-life experiences that wrench your heart or make you double-over in tears of uncontrollable laughter? … These shared, life altering stories are in essence, your stories. They are universal.

#4  THE FLAME has invited the uber-wunderkind music duo of ANTON & MOLLY to round out this rogues gallery of True Storytellers at The York Flame. Featuring original Flame composer/lyricist Anton Lipovetsky with Molly MacKinnon and Christine Quintana.

#5  THE FLAME: York Theatre Edition on Tuesday October 4th @ 7pm is 19 plus. Bring your drinks into the theatre, buckle-up and get ready for an unforgettable evening of True Tales and Cocktails. Only at The Flame!



The Flame: York Theatre Edition is this Tuesday, Oct 4 at 7 pm! Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased here

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