Message from Heather

To everyone out there wanting a bit more magic right now,

This is the perfect time to join our Unicorn gang — our newly named operating fund that’s keeping the creative sparkle strong in this time of constant adaptation.

Resilience and flexibility are our mantras at The Cultch. This season, our Unicorn donors are helping us bring performances to audiences in the safest ways possible, just as we did with East Van Panto.

We have more juicy programming coming to you in February and I am so grateful for everyone here at The Cultch who continues to be nimble and quick to meet every challenge while caring deeply for our community.

So to all of you doing and feeling the same, know that these moments are creative to their core: the ability to reinvent, reimagine, and make the seemingly impossible very much possible.

Thanks to those of you who’ve already become a Unicorn donor. For those of you who’d like to join us, we’d be thrilled to have your support.

Here’s to the magic we make together — now and always,
xo Heather