Youth Connect the Plots: Completely Unique, Completely Fun, and Completely Free!

Calling all young artists and environmentalists…

Sneak peek of the mask workshop being held at The Strathcona Community Gardens

This year we are doing summer camp completely differently. We are taking it out into a hidden oasis at the heart of City, the Strathcona Community Gardens starting Saturday, May 25.

You may have heard about last summer’s very cool Connect the Plots event that took place in the Strathcona Community Garden and was presented by Theatre on Earth and the Environmental Youth Alliance. Well this year The Cultch’s Youth Program is jumping right in and mixing things up – YOUth style. With this exciting partnership comes more participants, more workshops, more performances, and more opportunity for young artists to develop and perform original theatre in this amazing natural setting.

In essence this years Connect the Plots is a summer project for young artists and ecological stewards to develop leadership and artistic collaboration skills while creating theatre in and around the Strathcona Community Garden. Exploring social, cultural, ecological diversity, and activism the young artists will develop and perform their original vignettes using masks, puppetry, and improv. And, yes, it is going to be as awesome as it sounds.

With the Strathcona Community Gardener’s Society, the Environmental Youth Alliance, and various other uniquely talented community members and groups joining in along the way, we will gather in the garden for weekly workshops from June – August, culminating with a week of intensive rehearsals and performances August 12 –18.

Workshops will include:

  • Character development with masks, puppets and improvisation
  • Designing and building props, costumes, and sets with grown, found, and recycled materials
  • Creating theatre that grows from, in, and around the plots
  • Maintaining and sustaining public green spaces
  • The history of the Strathcona Community Gardens and local agriculture
  • Plot prep, conditioning, and development
  • Gardening skills and techniques, environmental sustainability

An informal orientation session for Connect The Plots will be held on May 25th from 12-4 pm at The Strathcona Community Gardens at 759 Malkin St.  All youth between the ages of 13- 24 are welcome. Please RSVP to

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