IGNITE! Mentorship Program

IGNITE! Mentorship Program

2016/17 IGNITE! Mentorships

As part of The Cultch’s Youth Program, The IGNITE! Mentorship Program offers a series of one-on-one mentorship opportunities in specific medium to youth aged 13-24 who want to pursue a career in the arts. Participants are typically in their last years of high school, graduated, or in university. Participants are selected by a jury made up of members of The Cultch’s Youth Panel and the Youth Program Manager. In some cases an audition or interview may be required.


Photo by Wendy D

Promising young artists will work with mentors in their chosen medium. The Cultch presents some of the most accomplished artists from across Canada and around the world. The Mentorship Program is designed to allow emerging artists in the community an opportunity to access and learn from this incredible pool of talent, and it’s 100% free to participate!

The mentorships are designed to be a self directed experience, the mentors are provided as a resource while participants guide the sessions and the direction of their own process. Participants who are curious, motivated, open-minded, and excited to work with others thrive most in the program.


“It’s a great experience to be remembered for the rest of your life!” 2011 Songwriting Mentorship Participant

dan2“As a teenager, a program like this would have been of infinite use – not just because of the access to working career musicians and writers, but also through the experience and confidence garnered by recording in a professional environment and the immersion in a new community of young, talented, emerging artists from all over the city.

It was great for me to watch the youth interact and support each other throughout the process, and most pertinently, just before their performances at The Cultch to their friends, parents and new fans.” – Past songwriting mentor Dan Mangan

“I really enjoyed the people involved and the workshops were tremendous. My experience with my mentor was wonderful and the production of my play was and will be an important step in my development as a writer and playwright… The opportunities that this program has created for me seem to be endless.” -2011/2012 Playwriting Mentorship participant

“The Cultch’s Ignite! Youth Program spurred me forward as a poet, artist, and member of the community. Throughout the three months that we worked and played together, I benefited from the honest attention, passion, and ability to listen that comes from dedicated artists…I felt that we as a group were supported and guided without ever feeling controlled, given freedom to create, yet within a framework that made our creation tangible and concrete.” -2011 Spoken Word Mentorship participant