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Food for the Invalid and the Convalescent

Veda Hille and Amiel Gladstone

An adaptation of Winifred Stuart Gibbs 1912 Cookbook performed by Vancouver Youth Choir

Play Video about a youth choir singing while holding open black music folders
We had been considering a cookbook musical adaptation for a while (Enchanted Broccoli Forest anyone?) and a 1912 book by Winifred Stuart Gibbs became the thing when we were looking for a project during the pandemic.  Thanks to the Canada Council for making this possible.

We edited and pulled words around but as you see tried to remain as verbatim to her original text as possible. The idea of a healthy diet has changed since the early twentieth century, but the idea of care through food is similar.

We were so grateful that Carrie Tennant and the Vancouver Youth Choir agreed to take this on, as their takes on these songs bring us true joy. We recorded them all live on a single smoky September day at the Art Factory, who were generous hosts.

Craigslist Cantata is about the search for connection, Onegin is about love, and FFTIATC is about nurturing in hard times.

Amiel and Veda