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The Cultch is more than just a theatre. It’s a place where you can come to share and hear stories that connect us all. The world needs more of that right now; more of everything that brings us closer together. You are a vital piece in this process of sharing and connection.

The essence of culture is to bring people together and to help us remember who we are. The Cultch does what culture is supposed to do. It is an essential organization that keeps us on track as human beings” – DR. GABOR MATE

Please consider making a gift to The Cultch this season. Each dollar you donate ensures The Cultch is accessible to everyone. Your gift enables The Cultch to continue providing live performance experiences that give life meaning and keep your community alive.

Your contribution can be directed to one of The Cultch’s important programs such as Grow-A-Show, which provides local creators with resources and rehearsal space to develop new performances; Cultch Connects, which ensures that wonderful live experiences are accessible to everyone; our Youth Program, offered without charge to any young person who chooses to participate OR you can donate to our General Operating Fund which enables us to keep the doors open, the lights on, and the stages filled with unique, diverse, and intimate performance. Whichever you choose, we are deeply grateful for your gift that makes The Cultch a community gathering place and an arts heartbeat.

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Vancouver East Cultural Centre (The Cultch) is a registered Canadian Charity (Charitable Registration Number # 11928 1574 RR0001)