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Singer-songwriter Scotty Hills was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His country blues sound mixed with sophisticated soul, accurately reflects his early days shared between the city and the farm. Scotty is a Juno Award nominated, Western Canadian Award winning, and Polaris Music prize shortlisted singer-songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist.  Scotty performed as part of Dance Deck Neuf in August of 2022 on the backyard deck of Artistic Directors Sylvain Senez & Alexis Fletcher’s home. 

This performance was recorded before a live audience.

Music, lyrics and performance by: Scotty Hills 

Scotty Hills Website & Instagram

Video production by The Cultch RE/PLAY Team 
Video Direction by Cam Anderson 
Video Editing by Nico Dicecco
Produced and presented by The Dance Deck, Instagram 
Dance Deck Artistic Directors – Sylvain Senez & Alexis Fletcher