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Sevrin Emnacen-Boyd

F-O-R-M 2021 Commission

Play Video about Nightime scene, dancer with eyes closed and head tilted upward. Violinist in the background

AION refers to a concept developed by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze which denotes “the indefinite time of the event, the floating line that knows only speeds and continually divides that which transpires into an already-there that is at the same time not-yet-here, a simultaneous too-late and too-early”. It refers to a time-sense that is outside of Chronos or the chronological, linear, everyday measure of time which both organizes and is organized by “normality”. These twin concepts demonstrate that time is anything but neutral, and that it organizes our perception of reality and our visions of the future. The film AION plays with the conceptual disruption of Chronos by molding together both forward and reversed movement while creating an ulterior continuity between night and day. It is a dance that refuses the constructed time-sense of the everyday, one that is instilled in us by capital and has remained mostly imperceptible for many until COVID-19. As we edge closer to normality, AION serves to remind the viewer of the possibility of constructing time and ultimately our lives outside of “the normal” that drove us here in the first place.

The Festival Of Recorded Movement is on now! November 4-18.  Go to to see their schedule of in-person and online programming.

Director: Sevrin Emnacen-Boyd
Choreographer: Sevrin Emnacen-Boyd
Music Score: Amine Bouzaher
Editor, Director of Photography: Alinar Diapolos
Production Assistant: Abby Skaug
Mentor: Mark Valino

Special Thanks to Immigrant Lessons, Now or Never Crew, and Scndrlz.

AION was co-commissioned by Co.ERASGA + Tara Cheyenne Performance

F-O-R-M has been a 9 year journey. 

It’s hard to believe that our inaugural festival was held back in 2016, and now, we are about to celebrate our 8th annual festival very soon November 4 – 18!

Over this time, we have commissioned 57 short films from youth and emerging artists across canada. Through this journey, we have been witness to the changes and evolution of film and technology and to the ways our movements shift in response to and alongside this. What grounds us through these changes and what remains central to these works is the sensation, breath and the telling of important and personal stories with and through the body. These three selected commissioned films from across the years highlight local artists and their varied creative approaches to the theme of Recorded Movement. Whether through fashion (Faux Solo), documentary (Where We Meet) or music (AION), each with their own distinctive movement styles presents an array of possibilities that encompasses movement-on-screen. I hope you enjoy watching these films, and hope you will join us November 4 – 18 (in-person or online!) as we continue to celebrate the body in motion through film.

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Sophia Mai Wolfe 

Founder and Organizational Director of F-O-R-M