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Tell The Truth

(But Tell It Slant)

Joanne Joo-Yeong Park

F-O-R-M 2023 Commission

Play Video about 3 crouched dancers on a circular plaza

In an attempt to move forward, to move on, Joanne internally dissects her memories, feelings, self, until there is nothing left. All to look back and see that she has not taken a single step from where she was. It may not be something that one can do alone.

Creative Director, Assistant Editor: Joanne Park

Mentors: Nancy Lee and Eric Cheung

Makeup: Xander Terrin Chen

Videography: Cameron Anderson

Videography and Assistant Editor: JaeHee Kim

Colourist: Patrick Gong

VFX: Dallas McKinnon

Dancers: Juan Imperial, Erin Lum

The Man: Dorian Issa

Original score: Stefan Nazarevich

Co-Commissioned by: BC Movement Arts (@bcmovementarts)

Creation Sponsor: The Cultch (@thecultch)

Tell The Truth (But Tell It Slant) has been selected for the festival’s Most Memorable Youth Short Film Award, presented by SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs

The SFU Youth Jury is proud to present the Most Memorable Youth Film award to Tell The Truth (But Tell It Slant) (Joanne Park). The jury was composed of SFU Dance, Film, and SIAT students who held different perspectives while in deliberation with one another. Tell The Truth (But Tell It Slant) wowed the jury through its visualization of the complex emotions tied to anger rumination, prompting important conversations around the topic. The film’s use of digital effects not only struck a beautiful balance between contemporary and abstract storytelling, but enhanced the medium of movement-on-screen and our ideas about what it’s supposed to be. Fantasma Neon (Leonardo Martinelli) also left a lasting impact on the jury as a beautiful case study of lived experience that seamlessly combines realism and the whimsical. 

Thanks to the SFU Youth Jury: Larkin Schering, Elijah Sam, Jacky Lam, Hao Nguyen, Kenny Sue, Tawan Shaller

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