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Bird, written and performed by 22-year-old Kylie Vincent is equal parts stand-up, memoir, and fever dream and is about a Gen Z trainwreck soaring beyond her childhood trauma. This solo comedy show explores the challenges of being a young female-identifying stand-up while her past trauma continues to peck its way into the present.

I used to be a very angsty 16 year old. I would blast Nirvana in my suburban high school parking lot, as it blasted through my very intimidating 1999 yellow volkswagen bug. I was really struggling with my identity and my abuse and had no idea how to channel it.

I love making people laugh. I also love to connect with others through shared experience. When I stumbled into the multiverse of stand-up and storytelling, through Bird it felt fulfilling to share with others who have been through what I have been through. I could’ve really used something like this when I was 16, but I’m 23 now, so it’s like, almost the same thing to old people.

If you are a survivor and struggling, you are not alone. Contact DOVE if you are in need of assistance, they offer great resources.

Kylie Vincent is a 23 year old stand-up and solo performer from California, but knows her homebase to be New York City and can be found performing in all the boroughs, regularly, at QED & Tiny Cupboard. Vincent has performed at major colleges and comedy clubs all around the country. She has just come off of her Bird, A Solo Show tour after performing it in over 10 cities for 8 months straight and audiences have called it “hilarious, memorable, and Vincent is a badass.” Kylie tours with her disabled dog and wants you to know she was broken when she got her.

This past year, I built out my SUV and travelled the country, performing Bird in over 10 different cities. I couldn’t have done without the help of everyone in my life and the people I met along the way. To everyone’s shower, bed, kitchen, and couch I used – one day when I’m filthy rich I will buy you something of value, like a chicken (because they make eggs, it’s very plentiful). 

Thank you to Will Foskey, Tamar Rubin, Orion Levine, Kylie Kelleher, Eric Osovsky, Ally Waller, Andrea Allen, Tasja Drahveen, Savannah Mcmenemy, Emir O’hara, Jamie Wolf, Brooke Finegold, Lucas Zelnick, Miranda Meadows, JP Puthenveetil, and Skye Horgan. You’ve all had significant impacts on my journey, I love you guys. 

Thank you to my sister and mom for supporting me, speaking out and sharing my story. To Barbara Pitts McAdams for having big dreams for this show and supporting me. 

Thank you to The Cultch for having me and empowering femme artists. I feel so grateful to do my show in Canada (who is famously known for having nice people).

Thank you to all of Bird’s audience member’s and all the survivor’s that have resonated with this show.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you so much to Mollie Berg. Not only is she the best person in the world, but the best at her job. Thank you for believing me, uplifting me, and doing everything you do, I am the luckiest to have you!

WRITER Kylie Vincent
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