RE/PLAY Shorts

Faux Solo

Ralph Escamillan and Nancy Lee

F-O-R-M 2016 Commission

Play Video about Ralph Escamillan dancing in a white room with large windows

Empty space, a human body, and eight articles of clothing. Faux solo explores the dialogue and collaboration between the body, sound, clothing, and the space. Each article of clothing dictates the next move into the unknown space; sound amplifies the impact of the colliding costumes and contrasts to the space surrounding it. In the end, the thread of the film, the human body is left on its own and continues as a remnant of all that has accumulated. Inspired by the voyeuristic and fantastical feeling of Prada and Nike commercials, shots and images are imbued with a feeling of desire, allure and the impulse for more. The body is on view yet it is also the tool for manipulating the clothing and environment – the subjective/objective, personal/public is continually emphasized and revealed.

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Dancer / Choreographer/Producer: Ralph Escamillan
Director: Nancy Lee DP: Sepehr Samimi
Sound Designer: Stefan Seslija
Gaffer: Donald Risky
MUA: Jess Hawkins
Costumes: Lulu Lemon
Lab Location: The Settlment Building 

Special thanks to Lululemon Lab for costuming, Sound designer Stefan Seslija, Makeup artist Jess Hawkins, Director Nancy Lee, Director of Photography Sepehr Samimi and the commissioning support of FORM Festivals for making this film possible.

This film was made possible through the Festival Of Recorded Movement’s Commissioning Funds, in partnership with Cineworks and Company 605. We would like to thank the British Columbia Arts Council’s Youth Engagement Program.

F-O-R-M has been a 9 year journey. 

It’s hard to believe that our inaugural festival was held back in 2016, and now, we are about to celebrate our 8th annual festival very soon November 4 – 18!

Over this time, we have commissioned 57 short films from youth and emerging artists across canada. Through this journey, we have been witness to the changes and evolution of film and technology and to the ways our movements shift in response to and alongside this. What grounds us through these changes and what remains central to these works is the sensation, breath and the telling of important and personal stories with and through the body. These three selected commissioned films from across the years highlight local artists and their varied creative approaches to the theme of Recorded Movement. Whether through fashion (Faux Solo), documentary (Where We Meet) or music (AION), each with their own distinctive movement styles presents an array of possibilities that encompasses movement-on-screen. I hope you enjoy watching these films, and hope you will join us November 4 – 18 (in-person or online!) as we continue to celebrate the body in motion through film.

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Sophia Mai Wolfe 

Founder and Organizational Director of F-O-R-M