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A Cultch Presentation

An indie-rock musical about the moment when big dreams meet reality checks. Featuring a cast of talented actor-musicians and a score ranging from rap to anthemic indie rock, Stationary tackles post-recession existence with ukulele in hand. Sometimes life is disappointing; singing about it takes the edge off. MORE

Apr 21 – May 2, 2015

Stationary: A Recession-Era Musical

Music + Theatre

Historic Theatre

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A Cultch Presentation

605 Collective and Theatre Replacement team up to bring you a new experimental dance creation. In this cross-disciplinary collaboration, the artists explore concepts surrounding various sensory phenomena, transforming The Cultch Historic Theatre to play with proximity and interactivity in an immersive performance space, with the audience mobile throughout a large part of the show — placed inside of the action. Merging 605 Collective’s high-powered physicality and Theatre Replacement’s unique theatre-making methodologies, this mash-up changes the relationship between audience and dancer, resulting in a compelling, immediate, and unexpected performance. MORE

May 12 – 16, 2015

The Sensationalists


Historic Theatre

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A Cultch Presentation

New season! New adventure! With 19 shows to choose from, The Cultch's 15/16 season guarantees explosively entertaining theatre, dance, and music. MORE

The Cultch 15/16 Season Overview

Dance + Music + Theatre

Culture Lab, Historic Theatre, York Theatre

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