A Cultch Presentation

This exhibition will show a variety of work representing Jack’s favoured forms and mediums which are collage, sculpture, painting and mobiles. MORE

Aug 6, 2015

Works by Jack Procter



A Cultch Presentation

New season! New adventure! With 19 shows to choose from, The Cultch's 15/16 season guarantees explosively entertaining theatre, dance, and music. MORE

The Cultch 15/16 Season Overview

Dance + Music + Theatre

Culture Lab, Historic Theatre, York Theatre

Are We Cool Now?
pAre We Cool Now?

A Cultch Presentation

Indie Rock Road Trip. Inspired by and featuring the songs of Dan Mangan. Are We Cool Now? is a unique musical exploration of contemporary relationships, full of humour and insight. MORE

Sept 29 – Oct 10, 2015

Are We Cool Now?

Music + Theatre

Historic Theatre

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A Cultch Presentation

Empire of the Son is Tetsuro’s personal story of his relationship with his father. MORE

Oct 6 - 17, 2015

Empire of the Son

Drama + Theatre

Culture Lab

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A Cultch Presentation

Armed with nothing more than brute strength and cat-like agility these acrobats break down their usual guards, introducing the reality of possible failure and weakness. MORE

Oct 13 – 24, 2015

A Simple Space


York Theatre

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Damage Is Done
pDamage Is Done

A Cultch Presentation

Combining theatre, dialogue, essay, video, music, and dance, The Damage is Done exposes three Gabors, all immigrants from Hungary. MORE

Oct 20 - 24, 2015

The Damage is Done – A True Story

Dance + Drama + Interdisciplinary + Theatre

Historic Theatre

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OUR ANNUAL VOLUNTEER BBQ: Celebrating an amazing year!

The end of the season is a special time here at The Cultch. It’s a time where we can reflect …

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