Opening Tonight: The Pianist Promises Lots of Laughs!

Opening Tonight: The Pianist Promises Lots of Laughs!

Thomas Monckton has been making the world laugh with The Pianist since he first premiered it in 2013. This years’ whirlwind tour included stops in Australia, Hong Kong, Finland, the Czech Republic, England, Scotland, and the USA. After rave reviews all around the world, Vancouverites will finally have a chance to see this clowning masterpiece; opening tonight, October 25, at the York Theatre.


“A BRILLIANT hour of choreographed hilarity” – Cameron Woodhead, the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

The Pianist was WONDERFUL…a fusion between Mr Bean and the Cirque du Soleil. The audience laughed from the beginning to the very end”- Salisbury Journal, England

“This show is absolutely HILARIOUS and must NOT be missed…if I could I’d give the show an 8 out of 5” – Lizzi Wood-Vashishtha, HKeld, Hong Kong

“Thomas Monckton is a REMARKABLE, very expressive performer even without a red nose.” – Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

The Pianist is a show that will invariably pack out audiences and leave them laughing in stitches, and for that it is wholly deserved” – Alex Wood, Theatre Bubble, Scotland

“To see how FUNNY it is, you have to see it…Monckton earns shameless belly-laughter from kids and adults alike” – Marty Fugate, Your Observer, Florida

“The wordless show has a little Charlie Chaplin here, a little Mr Bean there and a delightful sprinkling of CIRCUS MAGIC” – Karen Bailey and Terry Izatt, The Clothesline, Australia

Check out this great video interview with Thomas Monckton, published by the Vancouver Sun

The Pianist runs from Oct 25 – Nov 6, 2016 in the Historic Theatre. Family Packs available! 4 premium tickets for just $120! *A Family Pack includes 2 adult + 2 child tickets (Sec A). Book tickets online or by phone by calling The Cultch Box Office at 604.251.1363

EARLY REVIEWS: Fight Night is “unlike any piece of theatre I’ve ever seen”

img_7365Fight Night opened last night at The Cultch’s Historic Theatre and audience members and critics are abuzz!


“Invigorating…it is subversive and shocking. It is also very, very real” – Mark Robins, Vancouver Presents

“Cast your votes for actors in this clever deconstruction of election systems” – Georgia Straights, 6 Things To Do in Vancouver

“They were manipulating the hell out of me and I loved it…I recommend this show” – Colin Thomas,

“Part TheatreSports and part Survivor…it offers a lot to think about.” – Jerry Wasserman, The Vancouver Sun

“The most fun I’ve had at a participatory theatre show…thrilling, innovative, and one of the most intelligent works I’ve seen in a long time.” – Tessa Perkins, Center Stage

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“It was a crazy opening night, and UNLIKE ANY PIECE OF THEATRE I HAVE EVER SEEN. This crew from Belgium have crafted an AMAZINGLY THOUGHT PROVOKING PIECE of theatre” – Tetsuro Shigematsu

“Fascinating theatrical event from Europe. LIKE NOTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. Audience interaction that makes you giggle and worried at the same time” – David C Jones

“I saw Fight Night last night and it was an incredibly fun and engaging evening. And not in a 90s improv pulled up on stage to be embarrassed way.

The house lights were up for a lot of the night, people were chatting with their neighbours and the audience ultimately decides the outcome. If you’re at all curious about voting, strategy, alliances, judgement and how the power of them work alone and in combination – then go and see this show.

I was shocked, appalled and delighted so many times over and I’m definitely going to see it again.

With an 85 min running time, its definitely a punch of fun not to be missed!” – Kim Harvey

“THE MOST ENGAGING PIECE OF THEATRE I’VE SEEN. Fun as hell study on the deep dark corners of democracy” – Joel Ballard @jphballard

Fight Night plays at The Cultch (1895 Venables St, Vancouver) from October 18-29. Plus, tonight (Wednesday, October 19) a special edition of Fight Night will incorporate the US presidential debate in a pre-show debate party in the lobby. Visit for tickets and information.

Fight Night Shows Us Elections as They Truly Are!

Fight Night Shows Us Elections as They Truly Are!

Opening Tuesday, October 18th, Fight Night shows us elections as they truly are: a battle, a fist fight with words….a theatrical game. Five performers. Five Rounds. Your vote. One survivor. Belgium’s multiple Fringe First-winning company Ontroerend Goed and Australian The Border Project arms the audience with voting keypads in order to choose their favourite candidate among five actors. An immersive exploration into the intricacies and traps of voting systems and mediatized democracy, Fight Night stages elections as a theatrical game.FightNight_LandscapeFight Night Director, Alexander Devriendt, has a few things to say about voting and politics:

Your vote.  So many people fight for it. So many promises are made to obtain it. And yet it feels so small. Such a tiny contribution. A seemingly insignificant voice muffled by the turmoil of the powers that be. I’ve been all kinds of voters. A frustrated one, consciously abstaining, too lazy to go, a fervent one, a social one, a strategical one. But more and more I became fascinated by the extent to which my choice was manipulated on so many levels. Not only by the politicians themselves or by the media. All sorts of little things in my immediate or far away surroundings had an impact on my vote. What it mostly boiled down to, is the feeling that made me say: ‘I trust this person’. A trust that seemed to be of my own making. I trusted this one person in politics. He seemed intelligent and somebody who could represent me in the political field. When he appeared on television he said things that made sense. Whether it was in a game show or political talk show I can’t remember (the distinction has become blurrier day by day). It’s a feeling I share with many Trump-supporters today. You trust your own judgment so well, you rarely question what it’s really based upon. Until I took a closer look at his views during rehearsals for this show and I was amazed how different our views were on so many levels. How the things I cared about were not even mentioned in his political program. I still trust the guy. He is a strong politician. He just doesn’t get my vote anymore. There is this other person whose program I share completely. She doesn’t get enough votes to really matter in Belgian politics, but I believe the votes she gets, keep her going. Because my vote matters to her and she matters to her party and the party influences decisions in a country, the country has a say in the European Union and maybe the powers beyond that are kept in check just a little bit more. A chain of influence that can alter the world. Eight years under Romney would be a different world; a Canada led by Trudeau resonates even in our country; a referendum in Britain has altered the course of history.

I remember when we performed the show in London, there was this 80-year-old man who started shouting to younger people who were giving up their device, who were giving up their vote. “Don’t do it. People have fought for this!” he shouted.

I’m probably going to be like him. – Alexander Devriendt


Fight Night runs from Oct 18 – 29, 2016 in the Historic Theatre. Tickets from $20 are available online or by phone by calling The Cultch Box Office at 604.251.1363

A Great Opening for Piya Behrupiya!

A Great Opening for Piya Behrupiya!

We are proud to be partnering with Diwali Fest for the second year in a row. Last night we had the pleasure of kicking off Diwali Fest with The Company Theatre’s opening performance of Piya Behrupiya! Piya Behrupiya is a Bollywood-meets-Shakespeare musical adaptation of Twelfth Night. It was an amazing performance and an amazing night.

“Colourful, giddy, exuberant, and so much fun.” says the Georgia Straight

The reception was catered by Siddartha’s Indian Kitchen and Merchant’s Oyster Bar. Here are some photos from the reception:










Piya Behrupiya runs until Oct 22 at the York Theatre. Tickets are available online or phone by calling The Cultch Box Office at 604.251.1363


Funny Radio Interviews with Motherload’s Emelia Symington Fedy

Funny Radio Interviews with Motherload’s Emelia Symington Fedy


Motherload is back at The Cultch and we couldn’t be happier.  We are excited to have this candid and hilarious hit back on The Cultch’s stage.

Motherload is the brainchild of Emelia Symington Fedy. Along with co-creators Jody-Kay Marklew, Juno Rinaldi, and Sonja Bennett, Emelia has created a hilarious and heart-wrenching show that Vancouver Presents said, “will charm, delight and touch you.”

Emelia has worked on over twenty new theatre productions as both a writer and performer, and is the co-artistic director of The Chop alongside Anita Rochon (, an international touring and award-winning creation-based theatre company.

Emelia is also curator of, a website dedicated to personal essays and live storytelling that candidly explores the darkness of the human condition. Emelia also hosts and produces a daily radio show on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 that focuses on personal storytelling and interviews with her favorite people about their greatest questions and longings.

A few weeks ago Emelia posted her top five funniest radio interviews; they are so great we wanted to highlight them here as well.

1) Emelia chats with Kyle Bottom, Charlie Demers, Toby Hargrave  about parenthood!

2) Emelia and Mark Chavez  discuss life in all its hilariousness.

3) Emelia and Jan Derbyshire get in deep and speak about mental health.

4) Kirsten Sharp and Emelia “talk like men aren’t listening.”

5) Emelia and Dawn Petten talk sex!

Find Emelia’s original post here.

Motherload runs from Oct 4 – 15, 2016 in the Historic Theatre. Tickets from $20 are available online or by phone by calling The Cultch Box Office at 604.251.1363

Top 5 reasons to attend THE YORK THEATRE EDITION of THE FLAME

Top 5 reasons to attend THE YORK THEATRE EDITION of THE FLAME

#1  THE FLAME features raw and completely uncensored real-life True Stories that run the gamut between vulnerable and poignant to the sublimely absurd and hilarious events of the human experience.

#2  THE FLAME is a risky high-wire act of sorts. No scripts allowed – No safety net provided. Just individual storytellers courageously standing in front of a room full of strangers armed only with a microphone and a personal True Story.

#3  FLAME stories are real, relevant and honest. You know that brilliant True Story that ‘cousin Bob’ told last Thanksgiving? Or that epic True Story you told about the time you were arrested for fraud in Romania? Those almost unbelievable real-life experiences that wrench your heart or make you double-over in tears of uncontrollable laughter? … These shared, life altering stories are in essence, your stories. They are universal.

#4  THE FLAME has invited the uber-wunderkind music duo of ANTON & MOLLY to round out this rogues gallery of True Storytellers at The York Flame. Featuring original Flame composer/lyricist Anton Lipovetsky with Molly MacKinnon and Christine Quintana.

#5  THE FLAME: York Theatre Edition on Tuesday October 4th @ 7pm is 19 plus. Bring your drinks into the theatre, buckle-up and get ready for an unforgettable evening of True Tales and Cocktails. Only at The Flame!



The Flame: York Theatre Edition is this Tuesday, Oct 4 at 7 pm! Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased here

Sean McCann in Concert!

Sean McCann in Concert!

Alongside our season opener of Helen & Edgar, we have an intimate one-night-only acoustic performance by Séan McCann.

Séan McCann, acclaimed singer-songwriter, JUNO Award nominee, and Bell Let’s Talk ambassador takes his personal stories and songs on a “Great Big”Recovery Tour this fall, with 24 dates hitting Ontario and Western Canada. McCann’s show is an autobiography set to music of one of Canada’s most successful musicians who found redemption through his love of songs. Since leaving renowned East Coast band Great Big Sea, McCann has released two solo records – Help Your Self and the You Know I Love You Songbook – that reveal his pain, truth, and optimism about the future.

McCann shot to international fame as a founding member of the renowned Newfoundland group Great Big Sea. After millions of albums sold, countless hit songs, and record-breaking tours around the world, McCann realized music had become something he was hiding behind. Produced by acclaimed artist/producer Joel Plaskett, Help Your Self helped him deal with his issues of addiction and abuse, showing him there is strength in pain. His journey to find his own peace, love, and happiness continues through his new music. His second solo work, the You Know I Love You Songbook is cheerful in tone and lyrics, and sung by an artist intent on sharing his joy directly with his audience. McCann has also found himself using music as therapy, working with people who face physical, mental, and addiction challenges, and has become a sought after speaker trying to help others find light during difficult times. As a completely solo artist – no label, no manager, no booking agent – he controls every aspect of his career as well as his destiny…and that’s the way he likes it.

The Cultch is just a stop in a huge cross Canada tour, and as he doesn’t come out West often we’re very excited to have him here!

McCann`s tour plan for this year

McCann`s tour plan for this year

“Singing together in intimate venues lifts our hearts and that’s the feeling I want to

bring to each of my shows,” says McCann. “Music is powerful medicine and if not

for the intervention of my guitar (old brown) through hard times, I would not be

here today. I’ve learned that we are All worthy of LOVE and together we are

never alone, especially when music is involved.”

Come and get a taste of the East Coast and the power of music has to bring love and change into our hearts on September 29th!

Ticket info here:

Celebrating Our Volunteers!

Celebrating Our Volunteers!

The Cultch depends on our amazing volunteers to keep us going so once a year, we throw a party/BBQ to honour and thank all of our 175+ wonderful volunteers! Whether they’re working in the Front of House as ushers, in the administration office as receptionists, or helping us stuff letters in envelopes during our crazy subscription season, our volunteers are truly the best and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

This year, local indie rock band Parlour Panther provided tunes to dance to, Choices Markets provided delicious food to enjoy, and so many generous organizations and businesses donated gifts to give away to our volunteers as prizes. Here are some photos from the party:

Parlour Panther

Boogieing to Parlour Panther!


Enjoying delicious food provided by Choices Markets!



Borja, our Production Manager, on the grill!

Borja, our Production Manager, on the grill!

Dance party

Dance party!

Photobooth fun!

Photobooth fun!

Interested in volunteering at The Cultch? Check out our volunteer page to learn about ways you can get involved!

Thank you for a fantastic 15/16 Season!


The 15/16 Season was one of The Cultch’s most successful ever! Thanks to your continued patronage, we sold out four shows in our season – a first in Cultch history; hit our Cultch Connects Goal; and hit record subscriber numbers.
We literally wouldn’t be here without you!
Thank you for choosing to make The Cultch and the arts a part of your life – we look forward to more grand adventures in our new season!

Don’t forget to buy your subscription for our 16/17 Season soon. Shows are already filling up, get the best seating while you can! Click here for the full lineup.

Box Office Summer Hours:
Monday- Friday: 12-4pm
Saturday: 12-4pm
Sunday: Closed

Also, open 1 hour prior to all performances

Partnering with Whistler Brewing

The Cultch is proud to have had Whistler Brewing as a partner since the 2011/2012 season. Our patrons know that they can enjoy a quality beverage at any of our performances and can always look forward to the rotating seasonal beers. Megan McKay Hall, Key Account Manager at Whistler Brewing, shared with us a little history of the company and what it’s like to partner with The Cultch.

Greg Armstrong-Morris (Broken Sex Doll) and a friend enjoy some Whistler Brews at the reception.

Greg Armstrong-Morris and Dustin Freeland (both from Broken Sex Doll) enjoy some Whistler Brews at the reception.

Can you tell us a little bit about Whistler Brewing and its history?

                The Whistler Brewing Company is celebrating its 25-year anniversary this month! The brand was born a long time ago, but the real success of the brand has really happened in the past 8 years when consumers started to support local, craft brewers much more. We welcome everyone to visit us at our tap house and brewing facility in Function Junction, Whistler anytime. We love to show off what we do and introduce people to the faces behind the brewery. We are one of BC’s oldest craft brewers, and are proud of the history and evolution of the brand from 1989 until now – big changes in the look of the brand, how and what we brew and the people behind it all.

Where do you get your inspiration for the seasonal brews?

                We have our Brew Master, Joe Goetz, as well as our head brewer in Whistler, Matt Dean, who come up with the recipes for each brew, but it really is a team effort. Many people within the company weigh in and provide ideas for both recipe ideas and the story that goes along with that recipe. Brand development is a lot of fun, and it’s very cool to be able to put forth suggestions that may end up as a finished product. A lot of the brand inspiration comes from the area in and around our home in Whistler – Whiskey Jack Ale pays homage to the Whiskey Jack bird found in the alpine, Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale gets its name from the Paradise Valley area outside of Squamish, and Black Tusk Ale takes its name from the famous Black Tusk peak in Garabaldi Provincial Park to name a few references.

As a company that is 100% BC owned and operated, is supporting other local businesses something that is important to you?

Absolutely! Supporting other BC businesses is, and always has been, a top priority. The general public is demanding the support of BC business and community more and more each year. It used to be that you couldn’t find a lot of local business to support and everyone was buying imported food, clothing, liquor, and the like. Now, it’s rare not to see businesses supporting each other on a daily basis and we definitely see that reflected in everything we do from sales to support at festivals and industry events.

How has your relationship with The Cultch been beneficial to Whistler Brewing?

                It’s been a great opportunity to showcase our products to the theatre community in east Vancouver and beyond. The people who are enjoying shows at The Cultch are obviously wanting to support local arts and their community, and a partnership with a BC craft brewer pairs well with this!

Can you tell us about Whistler Brewing’s role in supporting The Cultch? How did this partnership take shape?

                The opportunity came up to work with The Cultch for the 2011/2012 season and we jumped at it! As a company, we have always been a big supporter of the arts; whether it be live music festivals, visual arts, or performing arts. This is partially because of those who work within the organization and what we like to do in our extracurricular time, but also because the arts help to form communities and bring those communities together for common enjoyment. The Cultch has been such a pleasure to work with, and the people involved have always been so wonderful and pleasant.

Whistler Brewing is located in Function Junction in Whistler, they offer tours and tastings and have an excellent tap house. Join us at The Cultch or the York Theatre and enjoy a Whistler Brew on tap.