Five reasons Cirque Alfonse is about to be your new favourite circus troupe:

We are thrilled to introduce you all to Cirque Alfonse, an incredible circus troupe from Quebec, that was founded in 2005. They may be a relatively new circus company, but we are certain they are about to become your favourite!

Here are five reason we know you will not be able to resist them:

  1. The work they create is world class!
Four people are posed in an acrobatic position on a teeter board

Cirque Alfonse is made up of a talented bunch of creative people. Their company members have worked with some of the most world renowned circus companies around the world, and, as well as having skilled professional acrobats trained at the École nationale de cirque de Montréal, they are are comprised of a professional dancer, an ex-skiing champion and three versatile musicians!

It is no wonder their work has been so enjoyed by people all over the world.

2. They are family!

Who better to be at your side when you are risking your life doing mind boggling acrobatics than those you love and trust most?! For Cirque Alfonse those people are FAMILY! The company brings together brother and sister, Antoine Carabinier Lépine and Julie Carabinier Lépine, their father, Alain Carabinier, and Julie’s husband, Jonathan Casaubon, in addition to a few good friends who might as well be family!

This is truly a multi-generational troupe, and it is led by the patriarch and matriarch, Alain Carabinier and Louise Lépine.

3. They include music and dance in their shows!

A fun thing about Cirque Alfonse is that they fold music and dance into their shows. In addition to the acrobats, the stage will be filled with the toe-tapping music of Josianne Laporte, David Simard, and Guillaume Turcotte.

“There will of course be ‘wall-to-wall live music’, drawn from the trad repertoire, but ‘rearranged, reconstructed, rewritten’ with a funk flavor. ‘It’s agricultural funk’”— La Soleil

4. They have a great sense of humour!


There is something so wonderful about the sense of humour of Cirque Alfonse that we cannot wait for you to experience first hand! They forsake the artificiality and polish of some circus troupes in favour of an authentic, personable and hilarious performance!

“Above all there is an incredibly communicative joie de vivre… Because it is again through humor that the Alfonse circus stands out”— Le Devour

5. They celebrate their authentic Québécois identity!

Cirque Alfonse is named after Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, a small municipality in the Lanaudière region of Quebec. The work that they create embraces the area that they come from, and weaves together the old and new, integrating modern twists on local folklore and themes. 

Don’t miss Cirque Alfonse when they present Animal at the Vancouver Playhouse, September 20-24, 2022.