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Last spring we made a decision to try and share the work of our artists with you no matter what, and provide a platform for stories to be heard…

…and then something magical happened.

Our incredible team of artists, technicians, and videographers adapted with lightning speed and skill to produce exceptional and innovative digital work that saw patrons tuning in to Cultch shows from around the world.  

The generosity of our Cultch Community, our donors and subscribers allowed us to make an incredible Fall 2020 Season happen. We were so inspired by all the messages we received saying “thank you,” “keep going,” and “stay strong.” 

Despite these successes, current realities mean we continue to face an 80% reduction in ticket revenues, income we rely on to put on these shows. 

But once again, we are committed to bringing you the work of incredible artists and creating shared connections. 

Literally every donation made, every ticket sold, and every subscription purchased continues to be an investment in the present and future. 

The amazing shows will continue through the spring no matter what. The more we raise together, the more content we will be able to present. With every dollar contributed, the bolder it will be, the more artists we will be able to support, the more people will have access to free Cultch Connects tickets and affordable ticket pricing, and the stronger we will be when we gather together again.

We hope you will join The Cultch Community to bring the next stage of our 2020/21 Season to your and so many other living rooms (and hopefully our venues when the time is right)!

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