September 27–October 8, 2023 | HISTORIC THEATRE
A radical examination of power, this Pulitzer Prize-winning play confronts notions of theatre, race, and surveillance. The Frasier family are getting ready for Grandma’s birthday party but things keep going wrong.
Te Tangi a te Tūī
October 19–29, 2023 | York Theatre
An extraordinary live experience that fuses Māori culture with the artistry of the circus. Join us on a mesmerising journey into the heart of Aotearoa, the land of the Māori people. Te Tangi a te Tūī, meaning “The Song of the Tui”, invites you to experience an enchanting and empowering fusion of circus acrobatics, storytelling, and Māori traditions.
How Black Mothers Say I Love You
November 02–12, 2023 | Historic Theatre
From the author of the blockbuster hit ‘Da Kink In My Hair comes a powerful and moving story of immigration, family, and sacrifice. How Black Mothers Say I Love You is a raw, compelling look into family dynamics and strife. But it is also a story alive with humour, love, and tenderness as it explores the complicated perceptions of immigrant mothers.
East Van Panto: Beauty and the Beast
November 22, 2023–January 07, 2024
Business-minded Belle has always been different from other kids growing up on the Drive. When Belle is separated from her free-spirited dad Maurice and imprisoned in an enchanted specialty grocery store by a mysterious Beast, Belle and her new friends Miso Potts, little Tofu and their Bento Buds must do everything they can to flip the perspective of Belle’s captor and break the curse before the last cherry blossom falls! Experience the East Van Panto, Vancouver’s most beloved holiday theatre tradition!
The Mirror
January 25–27, 2024 | Vancouver Playhouse
Sweat, power, and the sublime. The corporeal glory of bodies, full of sweat, heat and power, forms the heart of The Mirror, the newest work from Gravity & Other Myths. The Australian company more than lives up to its title, suspending the laws of physics to generate a new kind of dance—infused with elements of circus, cabaret, and a light spanking of kink.
Juliet: A Revenge Comedy
February 08–18, 2024 | Historic Theatre
What if Juliet doesn’t kill herself? Juliet: A Revenge Comedy is an award-winning, fast-paced, action-adventure comedy that follows Juliet on the literary adventure of a lifetime! Stuck in an endless loop of turning a dagger on herself, Juliet tears herself from the fabric of her tragedy in search of a reason for her untimely demise. On the way, Juliet recruits a team of the Bard’s most famous female characters to find out why they’ve been forced to die! Together, they embark on an uproarious adventure through the canon, pursued by Shakespeare himself.
APRIL 04–14, 2024 | Historic Theatre
Past and present, memories and secrets, swirl and blend in this powerful new play. Detached from family and friends, Parifam Mana draws and paints in her private studio in Montréal—a place where memory and inspiration are in a continuous battle. Parifam‘s world is turned upside down when her childhood friend Ramak re-enters her life. Parifam and Ramak grapple with the hidden truths that linger in their past—soon to be revealed in an exhibition on Persian culture at a museum they built together.
You Used to Call Me Marie…
April 18–28, 2024 | York Theatre
An epic Métis love story. We follow Iskwewo, Napew, and Mistatim through eight intertwined stories of love, loss, and the fight of the Métis people as the Métis nations emerge across the plains amidst the fur trade’s robust colonization. As we experience the love stories shared by the Callihoos, through the political uprisings of the 1930s and into the present day, we witness their struggle to protect their people and celebrate their resilient sovereignty as Métis women.  
Fat Joke
April 25–May 05 | Vancity Culture Lab
An unfiltered, hilarious interrogation of fatphobia. A mixture of stand-up comedy, storytelling, and fact-blasting, Fat Joke puts fatphobia under the spotlight. Drawing upon personal experience and research, comedian, actor, and writer Cheyenne Rouleau dissects this often-untalked-about topic with eviscerating wit.
MAY 02–12, 2024 | Historic Theatre
Three generations of Filipina women hop between an ocean and time, memory and dreams. Set in Canada and the Philippines, Homecoming is a visceral show with moments of magic that reach into the afterlife, exploring cultural identity, familial duty, and delicious Filipino food. Homecoming asks, what is home for those of us who are displaced, stuck, or who have never known a home? And more importantly, can we ever make our way back?
JUNE 12–23, 2024 | Historic Theatre
A retro circus rave! Barbu delves into the birth of the circus in Montréal at the turn of the 20th century. Imagine a fairground where spectators are left spellbound by remarkable performances, outrageous feats, and unexpected eccentricities! Music, video, circus, and kinds of craziness collide as each performer wows the audience with a showcase of spectacular skills. May the boldest heart and the best beard win!