Photo by Darren Dowling

August 9, 2024 | YORK THEATRE

Gary Meikle - NO REFUNDS

PHOTO CREDIT: Pey + Pear Photography

August 9, 2024 | YORK THEATRE

Ladies & Gentleman! Gary Meikle is back yet again with another self-written, self-deprecating show to leave you all short of breath again. Last year “Papa” as he is becoming more commonly known as, because the 1st ever comedian worldwide without an agent (his choice) to be granted a full working visa for the USA and is keen to keep on showing why.

Gary’s tour this year promises to deliver! He will reluctantly share his newest role in life being a kept man, the lady of course being his ever-growing-smarter granddaughter, Gracie. Who intelligently but more essentially rips the piss out of her Papa daily. A few stories to note are when she blatantly points out that he’s got “moobs”. She also embarrasses him by telling the truth about his tattoos to a stranger that he is trying to impress. She explains in detail how her Papa isn’t THAT famous and how she calls him a bad name without meaning it. There are literally too many Gracie and Papa stories to cover but as usual, Gary will go off on tangents and delve into the workings of his on mind.

He will tackle subjects such as: rejection issues of men and women, what it was like being a 14-year-old hormonal boy, how it is ok for men to be overtly feminine now, cold showers, mosquitoes on holiday and much more.

If you can guarantee one thing from Gary it is that he will work his 5’8 ass off to make sure everyone that sees him live wants to come back for more. Your laughter makes up for the rejection he suffered in his earlier years, and he will thank you all individually if you choose to come along to his pre-show meet and greet that he will be doing at every single show.

Showtimes & Dates

August 9, 2024: 8:00pm

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General seating: $50

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639 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

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Strong language/adult themes

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Phone: 604-251-1363

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Monday – Friday: 12-4pm
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