JAN 30–FEB 24, 2024

Ideet Sharon: Space and Time


Mon- Fri, 12-4 PM

For gallery access please go to the box office window and they will give you access to the gallery.

1895 Venables St.

Opening Reception
with the artistS in attendance

January 31 from 6–8pm

This event is FREE and open to the public!
Appetizers will be served and the cash bar will be open offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee and snacks.

Artist Statement

Through my art, I speak the language of geometric entanglement, connection, and abstraction. I see the world as shapes, colors, and textures, all collaborating in the same space, and finding balance. That interconnectivity and tension in our relationships, our work, our stories, and the way we express it…these are the pieces and thought forms I add structure to.

Geometries and their relationship on the canvas represent the complexities of our perception: one can look simply at the individual parts and still recognize the integrated whole and its unifying story. Microcosms, pieces, fractals of the bigger picture. I like to zoom in on that tiny little story sometimes, happening right here in the corner…what are these pieces trying to do?…what is their journey?…what are they trying to balance in their own world?

I think a lot about our individual journeys, as well as co-creation with others, the spaces inside ourselves and around us, and how we relate to these spaces by connecting, balancing, and dancing with each other. My dream when I was younger was to be an architect, to build imaginative quirky “playgrounds”, constructed of simple geometries. To this day, I dream in geometry, playing in that interconnective space between the concrete and the conceptual.