Vancity Culture Lab

1895 Venables St., Vancouver

As a black box studio, all the lighting and audio technology is accessible from anywhere in the room. The seating system is comprised of movable risers that can be set up to virtually any configuration that space will allow.

The C-Lab, as we like to refer to it, is a cinder block construction with the latest in acoustical properties. The room is draped with black velour that is all on tracks allowing for any easy change to the backdrop of your production.

How can we help?

1895 Venables St. Vancouver

Fill out our booking form or email our Rentals Manager at [email protected]

Accessible Seating: Vancity Culture Lab are wheelchair accessible. Support persons accompanying patrons who require assistance to attend a performance will receive a complimentary ticket.

Please notify our box office team to reserve.

Assisted Listening: Listening devices are available in all Cultch venues on a first come first serve basis. To reserve a listening device, please inform our box office or let us know on your arrival. 

Seats: Seats in the Historic have armrests. Theatre fold-down seats: 16” high x 18” wide. Non-movable. Folding chairs at the sides may allow a guide dog to sit under the chair. Please contact the Box Office to notify them. 

Box Office Hours:

1895 Venables St.
Mon–Fri: 12-4PM
Phone: 604-251-1363

Box Office Hours in-person:
Also open 1 hour prior to all performances

For any further questions please contact us